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Har! Har! Har!

by Hezekiah Jones

As a world rests neatly on it's pin Horus in the silence, Yeshe in the din Horus courts the dark while her face sets to a sun Horus hard to hear she signs when offerings are done She said You could get a little and I'll get none Or I can get most and you'll get some Dip the buckets in the barrel Buckets in the barrel If we could reassess what we think we need What's wholly best just might supercede Don't let your heart go limp and buckle Heart go limp and buckle As the smoke winds it's way up to their ring Horus breathes in deep, Yeshe's eyes begin to sting Sufferings a strong grip, there's joy in letting go With a sigh and not a bang a crumbling comes on slow
I'm Stuck Between a Sea and a Soft Place Between a Need to be Free And a Need to Relate My Grip is too Tight Knuckles Gone White Postscript by Conner Callahan There will be an ocean, an ocean between us. Like a one word poem that I could never write, because I cannot contain an ocean and you —— You outstrip the ocean on all poetic levels. I have found a line for you in every poem I have written, but they only present some infinite series whose convergence can never be accomplished. However: Some three-word phrases: I am sorry. I love you. Goodbye.
Sylvia NORTH 02:22
Sylvia, Don't let the shadows fool you Sylvia, It's just the sun at play inside of you When all your doubt and anxious demand Becomes all the rage A simple slight of hand When all your fear goes deep down to your knees Rubbing minor parts causing them to seize


...and apple-wood; though we have only fir-wood and dried
altar incense-and the hiss of resin

recalls a whisper or the echo of a whisper
in a temple-corridor-we are not alone.
Helen was lost, she sought reality,

let go the dream; Achilles sought the Sea,
and Paris found his earlier love, Oenone;
true, true but life returns, we have not far to go,

When Love kindles the flame;
why fear the dark without,
when light returns within?

excerpt from "Winter Love". Hermetic Definition.
by H.D. 1959


released October 14, 2016

Daniel Bower - Live Durms
Raphael Cutrufello - Casio PT-80, Ensoniq SQ-80, Pocket Piano, Tambourine, Vocals, Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Philip D'Agostino - Electric Bass
Brad Hinton - Vocals
Evgeniy Isayev - Flute, Reading, Russian Translation of postscript
Sarah Kolbmann - Reading, Portugese Translation of postscript
Kiley Ryan - Vocals
James Salamone - Synth, Tambourine
Clare Shields - Vocals

Recorded at HarmilHome, Little Spiders Have Big Dreams Studio, Cambridge Sound Studios
Engineered by Raphael Cutrufello, Ernie Tokay, and James Salamone
Mixed by James Salamone and Raphael Cutrufello
Mastered by James Salamone with Todd Mecaughey
CD layout by Gregor Rowan

Yeshe & Horus, Between a Sea & a Soft Place, and Sylvia North by Raphael Cutrufello


all rights reserved



Hezekiah Jones Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hezekiah Jones is a collection of Philadelphia-area artists orbiting around the songwriting talents of Raphael Cutrufello.

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